Bullfighting in…Korea?

My coworkers didn’t even believe me when I said I’d be going.

“Bullfighting? In Korea?  I don’t think so…”

Of course, it isn’t the matador-style that automatically comes to mind. The bulls do the fighting! Which essentially means they lock horns, butt heads, and twirl each other around by the aforementioned-locked-horns until one runs away like the scared little child he is. One fight lasted a grand total of 2 seconds.

Afterward, we went to an abandoned railroad tunnel being used to make wine.  Assah!

Disclaimer: most of the bull pictures and half of the other ones are compliments of the ever-lovely Sarah F., and the last two I think were from Thomas. So now I can’t get sued. ‘Cause you know, that was a possibility.


There were lots of bull sculptures--this was by far my favorite.

At U.S. baseball games, you buy hotdogs. At Korean bull fights, you buy rice cakes!


One of these is not like the other, do-dah-do-do-dah-dah-doooo. (The Korean phonetically sounds out, "Coh-cuh Coh-luh")

Seriously. In love. He's beautiful and I want to own him.

Stick out your tongue and say, "Ahhhhh!"

He just flows, like wind and water. That's why I find him so beautiful. Flowing metal is gorgeous.

"YO! I'm talkin' to YOU!"

Face smshhhhh

"Aw thanks, I hadda crick in my neck all day!"

"I bet you blink before I do." "Oh yeah? Prove it."

"I only blinked 'cause you jabbed my eye with your horn! I'll show you how THAT feels!"

"Think we can dig to Mexico?"

This fight was pretty short...

And there he goes!

The tongue reminds me of MJ--who was also a Bull! Woahhhh

Then we went back out to look at more statues, and I impersonated this one. Check out my left hand--it's not even on the ground yet! That's right, I jumped into a handstand. I'm that awesome.

And then I wanted to impersonate everything else I saw...

...so I did!

I like gateways. That whole mystical-fantasy-wonder-where-they'll-take-you-adventure idea.


Say, "KIMCHI!" Hah, it looks like he's got a little beard/soul-patch thing goin' on, too.

It's like a hobbit tunnel, only bigger.

Railroad-wine tunnel


Oh Korea--you WOULD have a charging station in an abandoned railway tunnel.


It's like the Korean SATC clique, except no city.

More fun with the car mirror. "Make a face!"

Another one of my favorite things (on the bus ride home).

*sigh* Beautiful day.


3 responses

  1. What a great outing to the bull fight! The bulls don’t actually die in battle, do they? The Portuguese fights are something like this, only the matador just jumps around and over the bull, but doesn’t harm him. Don’t know who gives up because they’re tired, the bull or the matador?? Thank so much for the call!!
    Love, Grandma

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