Incheon is a Redskins fan, and I can prove it

(This is from…what, two weeks ago? Which probably means about two weeks after I’ve started considering staying another year is about when I’ll leak the info.)

In case you didn’t guess, I joined the hiking club.  For our first little excursion, we took it easy and strolled around a park–don’t know the name, but it’s right on the coast and is dedicated to the relationship between the U.S. and the ROK, complete with a statue of General MacArthur. It also had lots of really pretty cherry blossoms. Afterwards, we hit up Chinatown for Koreanized-Chinese food.  All good things!

Oh, and a museum with cultural displays from a select few countries.

I knew there was a reason I came to Incheon.

This tiny museum had displays for Italy, England, Germany, and the U.S. And in one of the U.S's 3 cases? SKINS BABY

We love each other

Friendship memorial--awww

Song-ee and I bridal-marched down here. She is my new best friend--I'll post about her in a few days!

Heading down to China Town!

Then they fried these noodles and they became magically delicious

Lots of murals and such the whole length of this street--very pretty

Dragons! I was born in the year of the dragon 😀

Making faces

Metal flowers that light up at night! Romantic little park, yes?

Song-ee is the art teacher, so she drew a puppy in a Santa hat on the car window. Another reason why I love her.


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  1. Hey Rachel! I’m glad things are going well in Korea. I wanted to let you I will be starting a hiking club once we’re in Korea. I’m very excited! We’ll start by exploring the Jeollonam-do and surrounding areas, but then will plan more exotic trips as the year rolls on. I will keep you posted. Keep having fun.

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