Just keepin’ you on your toes

Amazing weekend. A-MAZE-ing. Copious amounts of food. Throwing GRE words into sentences. Not seeing my apartment for almost three days. Deciding “Lie to Me” is my new favorite show. Getting gussied up to attend Mozart’s Requiem and the Asian premiere of Quintana’s Mass from Two Worlds. Strolling through pathways surrounded by flowers.  Belly laughs. Late nights/early mornings old-school-sleepover style. Wine. Cookies. More wine. More cookies. Forgetting my hiking shoes again when my friend lives at the base of one of the biggest mountains in Seoul. Being able to ask, “Do you have this?” in Korean. Navigating subways that shutdown mid-ride. Talking. Planning. Dreaming.

Lots and lots of little things.

And you know what I realized? Korea feels like home.

Thoughts of going back home, of starting over, of finding a new job and learning how to survive and thrive in a new city all over again–these are the things that scare me now.

‘Cause this Korea deal ain’t no big thing.


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