My Day Off

At the end of my after-school class on Friday, I had a thought.  “Do you want to come to my house on Monday?”

Five of the 20 students showed up, so I guess I’m not all that popular!  But I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt and say they were just nervous about their English ability.  Of course.  Only logical explanation.

I filled them to bursting with pancakes–chocolate chip and blueberry–and let them finish the delectable oatmeal cookies from the weekend.  Also some cheese.  Because who doesn’t love cheese.  And a candy cane!  And caramel chocolates!

When in doubt, bribe with food, is my strategy.  We played lots of games, and tried to create an English name for the one girl who will be visiting America either over this summer vacation or the next. And even though I blissfully sat out of most of the conversation–although I picked up on the odd “jamie-so” which means essentially “this is fun!” which made my heart happy– that honestly probably would have been true of me and middle school girls even if they were speaking English!

All in all, I’m very happy.  Happy to have people to love.

Not quite ready...

There we go! How pretty are they!


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