I made a paper-chain-link-countdown-thingy.

(I had a lot of free time at work today, on account of giving listening/speaking tests the next two weeks so having virtually zero lesson planning to do.)

I originally put 100 links together. Then counted backwards using a calendar.  Then tore off two links.


It’s very bittersweet. I’ll be hard-pressed to cram in everything I want to do and people I want to see.  It’s like college graduation on steroids.  Except coming for a visit will be much more expensive and there’s no homecoming weekend. And you need a passport to be allowed on campus.

My students plead with me not to go. They don’t want to risk getting a boy teacher.  Which is interesting since they treat my brothers like rock stars when we Skype for a class activity.

Yes, I know, I had a brief hiccup in the actual coming-home part.  Technically, I still have two days to apply for the job that tempted me to stay, but after a couple enlightening conversations, I’m back on track to land state-side in 98 days.

On that note, if you or anyone remotely connected to you or your second cousin’s neighbor in any way has the ability to pull crazy strings and get me an airfare to Dulles or Richmond International Airport in mid-August for less than $1000, that’d be beautiful.

❤ summer

Things I’m Excited About #1: Watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 & 2 with the little bro. We’ve watched all the movies together (at least as far as I can remember…which probably means not, but whatever), and as neither of us have seen Part 1 yet and Part 2 conveniently comes out this summer, that two-fer will be part of my welcome home. We’ll also make some homemade popcorn, which I’m almost equally excited about.

Playing Scrabble when English is your second language


Things I’ll Miss #1: My students.  That’s obvious.  All 800 of ’em.  But mostly the 50 or so I love the most.  And the five or so whose names I actually know every other time they ask me.



Did you know? The greeting students use in the hallway when they bow to passing teachers literally translates as, “I am a good daughter for my parents.”  If that doesn’t tell you something about societal values, well then–well, it just does.  Accept it. (If you haven’t caught on yet, you bow to people who are higher up and/or older than you, a peer whom you have a professional relationship with, and people you’ve just met.)

(P.S. to the FB friends who see repeat photos–the blog is geared towards FB-less family, so no worries 🙂 )

If I ever wore a hanbok and if yellow went with my skin tone, I'd wear this one

Or this one

My face is bluuuuue

Pizza dough! Yayah

My new climbing harness! Remind me to tell you that shopping trip story 🙂

Have I shown you my new apron yet? It's got a super-cute-bunny, a super-cute-bear, and a super-cute-cat on it, and says "FOREVER IN SWEET LOVE." And I'm going to see if I can find a matching one for my future-roomie 😉 'Cause that's the Korean thing to do.

When I was in Thailand, one of the bars played, "Country rooooaaaads, take me hoooommeee, to the plaaaaace, I belooooong!" And we'll just stop it right there 🙂 I also miss pets.


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