Values and Dangers of a Global Language (a.k.a. English)

No time to really blog lately, but here’s a couple of videos on the values and dangers of being obsessed with teaching/learning English.  They’re short, so if you’re interested, there you go!

Edit: As a side note, when I discuss these videos with my students, the ones opposed to learning English often give “Korean is better” as a reason.  The us vs. them mentality is an interesting one, and while that’s not the intent of a global language, it is a potential side effect.


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  1. Thanks for posting this! I whole-heartedly agree with everything stated in the second video. Losing languages means losing wealth (in a non-monetary sense). I especially liked the part where she said that English doesn’t equate to intelligence and showed the picture of G.W. with the book upside-down.

    On the other hand, I think the guy in the first video was a bit ethnocentric.

    • yeah i’m constantly fascinated by all the intricate differences in languages, and how those differences can be telling of culture. like when a korean asked me, “What’s the English word for a brother that you’re not related to but you love like a brother?” and aside from some slang phrases, we don’t really have a word for that! so stuff like that really interests me

  2. Shucran, Rachel….really interesting videos about language. Just got the computer hooked up after its vacation in Colorado with Dan. He fixed and updated things.
    Love you…

  3. I love those videos. I’m from Poland and children here are under influence of English so much they change words into English and no longer tend to use their own mother tongue. They can’t see the difference becoming victims of the global language. English should become a language of science and business but our mother tongues should be treasured and used or they will join the lengthy list of the dead languages and our culture, knowledge and wisdom will be lost forever.

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