It starts at #2 ’cause you already read #1

Things I’m Excited About #2: Cooking for my roomie and inviting friends over for meals. Specifically brunch. On Saturdays. Brunch is a delicious meal, and probably one of my favorite inventions. Also, I buy love with food. Also, there are so many different ways to make pancakes and waffles and breakfast sandwiches and they are all DELICIOUS.

Things I’ll Miss #2: Having my students over and making food–and trying very hard to communicate very little.

Things I’m Excited About #3: Pets! Animals! I mean, there are animals around here, and granted since I won’t live at home anymore it’s not like I’ll be around my former pets all that much, but still. I miss them. I can’t wait to hug Jasmine and play soccer with Dixie.

Things I’ll Miss #3: Buying tomatoes and strawberries from the people who sell food on street corners.

Things I’m Excited About #4: Spoiling my new baby cousin, and hanging out with the ‘burgh cousins in general. They’re pretty cool people, actually.

Things I’ll Miss #4: The adorable little Korean kids, especially when they’re all outfitted out in all their matching clothes and sparkly coats and say, “Kahm-sah-ham-ni-daaaa” in their super-cute, squeaky little voices.

Things I’m Excited About #5: Knowing what’s going on at work and why.  Being a part of conversations when I’m out at dinner with co-workers.

Things I’ll Miss #5: Being blissfully ignorant of conversations going on around me. Not having to worry about work politics.

Things I’m Excited About#6: Being able to communicate with my boss.  Assuming I have a boss.  I really want a boss.  Or someone who gives me money to buy food.

Things I’ll Miss #6: Being able to play the “dumb foreigner” card (although to be fair, haven’t really taken advantage of that one as much as I probably should have since that time in Seoraksan).

Things I’m Excited About #7: Taking advantage of Groupon and LivingSocial

Things I’ll Miss #7: Public transportation that ROCKS. Not needing a car.

Things I’m Excited About #8: Road trips to visit Pizor! Road trips in general!

Things I’ll Miss #8: Sparkly suits and rhinestone-studded ties.

Things I’m Excited About #9: Getting to know a new city.

Things I’ll Miss #9: Knowing my way around this city.

Things I’m Excited About #10: Knowing what signs say.

Things I’ll Miss #10: Sitting on my window ledge, staring out over my little corner of Incheon, and wondering if anyone ever looks up and thinks I’m a crazy foreigner sort.

Things I’m Excited About #11: Meeting new people.

Things I’ll Miss #11: Everyone I’ve met here. Including SoJung and Rae and Eunmi.


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