What would you do with a can of undrinkable beer?

See? You gotta train their tastebuds at an early age.

I know, almost sounds like an oxymoron.

OK.  We can all agree the standard drinking fare in Korea is vicious.  I try to stick to makgoelli when possible.

My co-teachers think I’m an amazing drinker because I always mix my soju with the beer when everyone drinks together at school dinners.

"Now with 30% more gasoline!"

No no, my friend.  Mixing the two is simply the only way I can stomach either of them.  The bite of the soju takes the flatness out of the beer.  Or something.

There are three base beer brands: Max, Hite, and Cass.  If I had to choose, Max is less-bad than the others, although they’re all similarly awful.

Hite is shite.  Cass is…well, you get the idea.

The head administrator at my school slipped me a can of Cass to take home at the school dinner aaaages ago, and it’s been hanging out in my refrigerator ever since.

Sunday, I discovered my baking adventures of late had been turning out funky because I had purchased self-rising flour.  Oh.  Apparently that’s kind of a big deal.  So I googled massive amounts of self-rising-flour recipes.  Which essentially just mean you take out the baking powder and the salt.  Oh.

Yummers! I might actually pay money for another can of Cass after these guys!

Still, I made a very valuable discovery: guess what you can make with just self-rising flour and a can of beer?  Bread!  Coooool.

So I did.  Plus a dash of sugar, some rosemary, and my toaster oven.  Oh, and drizzle some butter on top.  After tasting the finished product, I decided it reminded me of breadsticks.  So I added oregano, garlic salt, and cheddar cheese and dipped them in marinara.

Seriously, May is my favorite month.

Also, I had some students over, and I did the typical pancake scene.  Then they wanted more food, so…more experiments!

Microwave apple crisp---success!!

Ever made a microwave apple crisp?  I have, and it was DELICIOUS.  I used a packet of Quaker maple brown sugar oatmeal for the topping.  Oh man oh man.  Little slice of heaven.

Since ice cream is super expensive, we ran next door and snagged one of those frozen milkshake/smoothie dealios for a buck.


They thought I was crazy when I attacked the milkshake package with a pair of scissors.  They don’t quite understand my haphazard approach to food!

Mickey Mouse! Entirely unplanned, the batter was just a little runny 'cause I'm still experimenting with this self-rising flour mumbo-jumbo

Taking pictures of Mickey-Mouse-Pancake

The student in the blue-striped shirt made me a card holder! Awwww. (That's me & my older sis in the frame, BTdubs)


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