I volunteered to climb a mountain with 80 middle school girls

I went on a field trip with two of my classes, and can I just say before I throw the pictures in here…after spending a couple of hours climbing a ginormous mountain-of-a-hill, the students are elated to arrive at the final destination.

A tree.

With red circles on it.

Um, NO.  I DID NOT climb all this way to take pictures with a tree, I don’t care how “famous” it may be!

So I jogged up the rest of the way to get a nice little vista of Seoul.

You know, this city is kind of massive.

Oh, also!  As a semi-cultural note: for our lunch break, another teacher and I had some kimbap and grapes and strawberries, and by the end of all the sharing from other students, our lunch also included cherry tomatoes, some egg-and-fried-rice dealio, tofu janks, and… other stuff.  Also, all eaten with chopsticks. No forks. But that should really just be understood.

Ever tried to eat grapes with chopsticks? It’s tricky.  Like when they give you those slippery little bird eggs for lunch.

Peh-pul-ro! (I’m full!)

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Seoul’s layout is not nearly as pretty as, say, Paris. But you know. They had to squeeze a lot of high-rise apartment buildings into a very small space.

What good is a lunch break without a shoe-flinging contest?


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