Resolved: to never be surprised by anything. ever.

Seriously.  I’ve finally gotten to where I just shrug my shoulders, and go, “Oh. Of course.  Why wouldn’t there be two-story skeletons on the sidewalk promoting the new Pirates movie coming out next weekend, running around and attacking people walking innocently by and chasing me to the bus stop?  That’s just expected.  Really now.”

Or last week when I showed up at school in a skirt and lamented to my coT about not having hose–I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of legs without hose here; even in winter a popular style is shorts with thick black tights underneath.  And our students wear hose, or “stockings,” every day.  Which is why it should have come as no surprise when she said, “Oh!  We have a machine for that!”

It says "Magic" on the bottom 'cause "Magic" is slang for...well, it IS an all-girls middle school. Figure it out. Pantyhose ain't the only thing in that vending machine.

That’s right.  A vending machine.  With pantyhose.  Why. Am. I. Surprised.

It’s like the smiley face on the toilet lid at my doctor’s office.

Post-It flip-wallet cover!

Or the present we got at school of a lovely little wallet-sized something with pretty pictures on the outside, and I flip it open and it’s little sticky notes.  A fancy little flip-action wallet with dancers on the front for sticky notes.

I apologize for the snarky tone.  I really do think it’s all quite cute.  As per usual.  Just tonight, I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Yesterday I was out for the teacher-club-activities day and we hiked a bit and then ate more food than most people see in a week, and driving home I’m reading all the sings as I compulsively do in America so of course I do here, and I’m cocking half an ear to the conversation to pick up the odd word, and it just hits me.

I have no idea what these signs say.  I have no idea what these people are saying.

I feel isolated.

I had another dinner tonight.  Again, I get a feel for generally what’s going on, and even managed to laugh at a joke or two that I caught on.  But mostly.  Just sat on the outside.

I’m not a sit-on-the-outside type of person.  And two solid days of it got to me.


(edit: And sometimes it hits me how incredibly awkward and unnatural the entire NET situation in Korea is. I wonder what it’s like for other teachers to have us just sitting there and blankly smiling?)

I’ve had lots of essay grading to do recently, and I had to interview all 800 of my students for their speaking tests, and then my open-class (where the gov comes in and assesses your performance and I really shouldn’t care ’cause I’m not renewing so their assessment doesn’t affect me directly but I do because it’s me and I can’t physically not care) is next week and the lesson plan I turned in I don’t much like so I might try to change it, and as I said blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

After next week, it should mostly be easy breezy ’til I jump on the plane.  Just one of those “off” days, you know?

I think I’m going to blast some music and dance around my apartment.  ‘Cause when you live alone, you can have random dance parties whenever you want, and no one’s around to judge you. And my landlord doesn’t speak enough English to tell me to turn the volume down.

Tomorrow, massive every-foreigner-in-Incheon field trip as mandated by the Office of Education. Should be crazy.

Saturday, wine train around the country.

Sunday, possibly a foreign foods fair-type-deal.

Next weekend, 3-day weekend!  And June’s looking good–not as good as May was, but still, you never know!

And who knows, maybe that job I really really want will contact me tomorrow.  That’d be nice!  Might as well hope for it!

And word is spreading amongst my students that my birthday is next week.  Hmmm, wonder who strategically fed a few of them that bit of information… 😉

Why my students pronounce North Face as No Space

The other side of the post-it flip-wallet. I want to be her.


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