Ajumma dance partaaaaay

Mk, last weekend we did a little wine-train action.  Not what I was expecting exactly, was a little let down, but at the end of the day, there was lots of wine, so can’t really complain, yeah?

Anywhos, if I don’t throw this up here as-is, I never will. Too much to do!

So, here is the email I’ve sent out to a few friends, and the picture I now have to go with it. Enjoy!

(For more info on the ajosshi, click on these words to go to a post written by a friend.)

So in korea old women are called “ajumma” and old men are “ajoshi,” and by-and-large they are a very cranky sort that scold people on subways, push people out of the way, and generally assume they should be shown king-levels of respect at every turn—which honestly, most of them had to suffer through Japan’s military rule and rape/torture of Korea, so they’ve seen a lot of pain, plus having grown up in abject poverty and watched the country change so much in the last 50 years.


So now, they’re old and have lots of time and like to go on bus rides to sight-see around the country and there’s another thing in Korea called a “norebang” which means “song room” and they’re karaoke places that are super popular. So popular that buses often have microphones & speakers so you can turn it into a “norebus.” So ajummas like to take those and dance and have parties even tho it’s technically illegal to be standing on a bus.

So for the wine thing, we had an entire car of a train to hang out in and do our shindig, and the car next to us was full of ajummas and ajosshis, and on the way back, when everybody is super happy, the door between our cars opened for a sec and we saw them going crazy, so we joined their dance party for the last song and it was HILARIOUS

There was an old ajumma in overalls standing on top of the bar in the middle of the car, with one leg up on a higher part of the bar, and she had to duck a little  to keep from hitting the ceiling, and she had toilet paper tied around her head, and she was just dancing her little heart out!

Funniest thing of my life. So then I danced with some crazy old ajummas and it was amazing. The end.

I love old people. Foreals. And I love that I'll get to be one one day.


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