Warning: Sentimental Post Ahead

So this weekend I realized, again, how much I’ll miss.

We’ve got a motley little bunch of people.  Some crazy guy from Oklahoma, a couple of girls and a “full-time-lad” from different parts of England with regional accents to match, and a token Russian French-Canadian (or would it be French-Canadian Russian??).  And yours truly.  Seriously. Ridiculous combinations.

Also really entertaining when we convince the FC-R to tell a story while alternating sentences with English, French, and Russian.

They’ve been involved in most of my adventures.  A couple of them live in Hwacheon which is seriously awesome and crazy stuff happens every time we visit–like the barbecue we crashed that I never got around to blogging about but was awesome so you should ask me about that some time, and that time we all got interviewed and shown on the nightly news for a week or so apparently.  Also we tackled Seoraksan together–well, except the Russian.  ‘Cause she had no friends then.

And basically, they make me happy.

Cue sarcastic “awwww”s and eye-rolling.

But ya know.  I kind of like people.

This weekend was another bumbling sort of adventure, where we tried to go to an island for a night but ferries were sold out and such so we just went for an afternoon and it worked out just fine and we’ll have a grand time of it tomorrow in the Bup (pronounced “boop,” as in Betty).

On our ferry ride back, a few people watched the show on the ferry’s TVs–which was apparently hilarious judging by the Koreans’ reactions–Amelia slept, Sophia plugged into her Shuffle and took pictures of Ryan conked out with mouth gaping open, and I snuggled into the seat and (finally) began reading my months-old copy of “Long Way Round”.  It’s about a round-the-world motorcycle adventure by Ewan McGregor (who grows an awesome beard) and his BFF/bike buddy Charley Something-or-Other.  I like bikes.  I like Ewan McGregor.  I like books.  I like traveling.  Should hold my interest.

Anyways, so everyone’s kind of doing their own thing, but aside from being different shades of pink and red from the beach and moderate levels of hungry, we’re all basically happy.

I know, sappy stuff.  You’ll have to forgive me.

I just feel super content when we’re all together, making fun of each other, saying stupid things (guilty), telling ridiculous stories, and worrying about blood pressure.

Which apparently! There are random health-check stations in subways and other places, including the ferry terminal from today!

My BP is 100/76, if you were wondering. I have no idea what that means.

But point is, I don’t really care what I do or where I go, I mostly just care who I go with.  And these kids aren’t half bad.

In fact, they’re pretty decent.

Right now, they’re all completely sacked.  My coffee’s keeping me going but I think I’m about ready to call it a night, too.

If I can sleep for all the snoring.  Gosh, people.

They make my heart happy.


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