I hate goodbyes

For a random, nonsensical reason that I simply don’t feel like explaining right now, one of my co-teachers was replaced last week.  Seokjin is an adorable little 40ish-year-old woman who’s unmarried and still lives with her parents, wears awesome jewelry, and is the sweetest person I’ve ever met.

She said she wants to have dinner with me before I leave, and I fully intend to do so.

I told her once what I want my Masters in, and even though most native English speakers have no idea what I’m talking about let alone my coworkers, she still managed to remember at least the general subject area.


Via CoolMessenger:

dear, my Rachel,,,

every class with you will be the best memory…

i’ll remember you, your beautiful and healthy smile, voice…everything about you  forever,,,

you also are good teacher who i’ve met.

your new study(medical,,,i don’t remember the exact subject ^^;) will have the best result!

gooh luck and enjoy your the left time in korea


If you’re keeping track, my intended graduate program is Medical Anthropology.  It’s a subset of (obviously) the field of anthropology and fits in quite nicely with other areas of anthropological study.

For those of you who have no idea what anthropology is, it is, at its most basic definition, the study of people and civilizations and what affects them and why.  I love “why” questions.  Guess I never made it past two years old.

The medical part?  Well, that’s been a long-standing wish of mine.  Ever since I went through “that medical thing” back in the day–and in many ways still struggle with all the unanswered questions–I’ve wanted to be involved, somehow-someway, in the medical arena.

Recently, I’ve discovered more and more connections between the study of medical anthropology and improving areas of social injustice.  Ah-duh.  If you’ve known me two minutes, there’s a good chance you know I’m quite a passionate person.  So you see, it all makes sense.

How’s that for a very broad explanation!  Now to fashion that into a “statement of purpose” for these applications…

As a bonus, Indiana Jones is an archeological anthropologist.  Medical anthropology coincides quite nicely with archeological anthropology.  Since I love digging around in dirt almost more than the old movies (I’ve never seen Crystal Skull and I never will), this wasn’t a bad connection to make.

Speaking of medical, I currently feel like death-in-a-can.  I got a nifty little shot from the doctor, and took some mystery medicine from the school nurse.  Hopefully I feel up to throwing together a pot of soup when I get home. (Korea doesn’t have a substitute teacher system, so if I miss work my coworkers have to pick up the slack.)

Can’t wait ’til I have a roomie who I know will be willing to make me tea when I’m feeling yucky 😉

In two days, I’ll officially be at the two-month mark.  WOOHOO!

Aw, they’re passing out food yet again in my office!  Yesterday there was watermelon, which sincerely helped my mood.  Today there’s those red-bean-pastry-roll-things.  I don’t think I’ll ever have a job that feeds me as well as this one does!


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  1. Yep, guess who gets to pick up the slack today? Me. Extra classes will get sent my way, and on top of that, it’s parent-observation day, so I get a surprise visit from parents because this particular teacher is not here. May be a little extra stressful today. Anyways, hey, I’m pretty sure I’m heading to Incheon this Saturday to visit the “Landing of Incheon Memorial Hall Museum.” Since you are leaving very soon and we’ve been somewhat of bloggin’ buddies this last year, I think it would be cool to grab some coffee this Saturday. Let me know.

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