Songee: Art teacher and new BFF

The ever-loverly CoolMessenger:

you can see many pictures on(??or in? anyway..) your computer.

the day before yesterday(2 days ago?) we went to ja-u park in dong in-cheon and we took many many pictures!!! it was fun! and good time…i think^^.

it is hard to speak englishㅠㅜ I’m a USA baby  5 years of age and you are a Korean baby 5 years of age too*. Are we baby friends???^^;;;; 쪼끔 영어, 쪼끔 한국어 ㅋㅋ **

*When we went hiking I joked that I knew a little Korean, and she knew a little English, so together we can talk! (although she knows far more English than I know Korean, I think!)

** “A little English, a little korean, lol”

I'm mastering all the Korean poses

Ok, so this is only two...I missed "cover-face-completely-with-hands" and chipmunk-cheeks


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