Stoopin’ It: Views of Korea from my window

I sit on here to soak up the sun and read books--and create a spectacle for anyone who looks up.

I realized something as I hung precariously over my window ledge: the view is all perfectly normal to me now, but for you guys back home, it could still be interesting.  So I grabbed my camera and turned into creepy-stalker-foreigner.  As opposed to scandalous-foreigner-chillin-on-the-ledge-in-a-dress.

Sure enough, it only took a few minutes to gather some snapshots of things I probably won’t so much find come August 12th (!).

Side notes from my day: I stayed in this weekend, trying to not be sick.  I’m still all hacky-coughy and congestinated, which is just not OK ’cause I’m tryin’ to visit a newborn baby on Monday.  So I gotta kick this.

Anyways, I started craving an apple around mid-afternoon, so I strolled outside and walked to the intersection near the downtown-ish area to find the Fruit Guy.  I wished the Vegetable Lady was there too, since I’m out of ’em on account of making a massive soup with all the vegetables in my fridge.

Sadly, no Veggie Lady.  But Fruit Guy gave me some apples & kiwis & tomatoes & bananas, so I’m good there.  I’ll miss the corner street vendors!  They’re much cheaper than the farmer’s markets back home, and much more accessible.

(If you were wondering, the title is a flashback to my favorite night of the past year, in Tonsai.)

I’ll call this:

Five Minutes on a Korean Sidewalk


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