Feeling reminiscent, ’cause I can

Don’t know if that title makes sense.

My brain is all foggy.  Apologies.

My ear is still all stopped up. Urgh. I used to get ear infections all.the.time. when I was little, too.  People don’t change, yo!

Foggy brain + lots of time lying around my apartment + watching dramatic movies = contemplative –> semi-worthless rambling posts that are more for me than for you.

Again, Apologies.

You know how Facebook now puts up random statuses of people on the side of your screen?  Well just now, I got one of Ryan’s that was “Made it to Korea,” and another “got my ARC” one (the ARC being the Alien Registration Card we all had to get to be legal residents and we had to have it before getting a phone or internet, so it was a VERY important little piece of plastic!).

Point being: those were kind of a long time ago, perspective-ally.

On a related train of thought, here’s bunches of old emails from after mass-emailing a handful of my closest friends/families a REALLY EXCITED BOLD AND PROBABLY ITALICISED email about being (finally) officially approved as an ESL teachaaaaa.


I’m excited for you!
Although I’m also sad because that means you won’t be coming to Pittsburgh – but that’s just selfish me talking, the other part of me that’s a little bit less selfish is really excited because I know you’ll be taking a big step and a big risk – and that’s EXACTLY what you want right now.


wonderful and fantastic! now, enjoy the food over there. it’s going to be delicious!


We are really proud of you.  This will be such a fantastic experience.  How cool, while you are young and free, to be able to travel and work at the same time.  I’m glad it is a one year contract so you can measure what you want to do after that without too long of a commitment time-line.  Oh, and while I think of it – some people suffer from culture shock after a few months of living in another country.  That is when the honeymoon is over and you hate dealing with the differences.  That lasts a few months and then that passes and you settle in.   So understand that it could happen, but not necessarily.   If it happens, then recognize it for what it is and know you will get over it soon.  We didn’t actually suffer from it.  Everything was so exciting and new.  We knew it was a tough assignment,and maybe that helped us to focus. Whatever.  You have a great adventure ahead.  Enjoy.  We will be praying for you.




I’m so excited for you!  Soooo sad you won’t be coming to Pittsburgh…but you are ready for this next adventure.  Can’t wait to see you in July (hopefully….once people respond and confirm the weekend works).
Love you and i’m so proud of you!
Congrats!  I have really mixed emotions!  But I’m glad you are being adventurous and expanding your horizons!

Take 2

Lots of my friends/families are having babies/trying to have babies/talking about trying to have babies.  Which I’m totally cool with.  I’m excited about having babies in my life again.  I still remember Gabe falling asleep in my arms while I fed him his bottle.  And his little mouth would still move even after you took the bottle out.  Aww.  How old was I?  Eight?  Wowzas.

This year (well, really only 10 months; let’s not get ahead now!) has shown me how short a year is.  It’s really not that big of a deal.  I remember reading about treatment regimens that would take six months and thinking, “That’s too long, that’s too much effort.”  Six months is like blinking!

And wherever you are, that’s just where you are, right then.  My heart doesn’t ache for home anymore.  Maybe because it’s only a summer-vacation away now, or maybe it’s like “they” say and the break-in period for culture shock to normalize and whatnot is about nine months.  Either way, I’m cool with it.  If I was home, that’d be cool.  But I’m not, I’m here, and that’s cool, too.

I’ll be real, I’m also excited to start dating again.  Tried it here for a hot minute, didn’t vibe, and doesn’t matter anyways ’cause everything here is so temporary.  Well, for me, anyways.  Mis-matched expectations.  Whoops.  Other people have had luck with it 😉

I’m excited to discover a new city.  I’ve noticed how homey this ginormous city has gotten to be, as there are corners I’m familiar with and can navigate with my eyes closed.

Going tubing this coming weekend!  Woodihoo!

There are lots of things I don’t get and don’t understand.  And I’m OK with that.  Like love.  And God.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand, and that’s cool.  Just rollllllll right along!  Go with the flow.  GWTF.  Hah.

Microwave apple crisps will always be a part of my life.  Probably my biggest takeaway from living oven-less.  Blessing in disguise, that.

Are you still reading?  Is it that lazy of a Sunday afternoon?  Fair ’nuff.

From last semester--they're all in high school now! (U.S. sophomores)

Remember this little video from one of my first posts?  It’s why I had sand on my bathroom floor after Thailand.  I miss Thailand.  And sand.


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