I just like giving them things to talk about

I’ve taken to doing work outside during free periods and/or lunch, because otherwise I just will never see the sun.

Honestly, it’s ’cause I’m cheap and vain.  I want to chop my hair off.  I want to still be some shade of blonde.  My roots have grown in over the winter, and I don’t want to shell out for a color/bleach job.  So I sit outside and let the sun work its magic.

I’ll probably get fed up soon and just chop it off anyways.  It’s highlighted.  Good enough.

That’s not interesting.

What’s kind of interesting is, my coteachers have never heard of this concept of the sun giving your hair highlights.

Makes sense, I guess.  As you may have guessed from people walking around with umbrellas and buying all that skin-whitening cream, sun-worshiping hasn’t exactly caught on here.

Still…I don’t know.  Sun takes the color out of things.  Well, except your skin.  Maybe that’s where the disconnect is.

It’s just interesting how many things I’ve come into contact with here that I assume to be second-nature-knowledge but actually just depend on the culture you grew up in.  Like the deal with the whipped cream.

“I like sitting in the sun because my hair will get lighter.”

“What?  I’ve never heard of the sun doing that.”

OK.  Cool.  Well it does.  Just takes a freakishly long time.

I also wouldn’t mind a bit of a tan.

Clash of values, that last bit.


One response

  1. Hmm. It’s so funny how we always think the grass is greener on the other side. My coworkers are quick to tell me that I’m dark and growing up, being dark was taken as an insult. But I’m really working hard on understanding why I cringe when people call me dark. I’m dark, dammit! And that’s okay!

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