There are no left-handed people in Korea

Or so I’ve heard.

I’d heard rumors, by way of message boards and idle chit-chat, of students who are left-handed being forced to write with their right hands.  Something to do with left-handedness being seen as impure.

It would make sense, as left-handedness has often been considered as evil or unlucky or other various forms of “bad” in different cultures throughout time.

Which brings us to my own observation.

I have a student with virtually no fingers on her right hand.  She has a thumb and four nubs.  Yet she writes with her right hand.  Well, she holds a pen with her right hand.  Even when I help her with answers, I’ve never seen her scrawl more than a couple of words on worksheets in my entire semester thus far.  She usually erases the haphazard letters right after writing them down.

It upsets me how she seems to left-behind in classes.

Out of curiosity, I did a quick scan.  Sure enough, every single one of my 39 students in that class write with their right hands.

Now, I know being left-handed is slightly more common in men than women (so maybe there is some truth to the superstitions after all 😉 ).  So it’s possible they’re actually right-handed.

I’m also not experienced with losing fingers.  Maybe if you’re right-handed, it’s still easier to write with nubs than switch hands.

Or maybe every single one of my 1200 students is right-handed.

Edit: Another teacher out in the country said she’s never seen more left-handed people than she has in Korea.  So I don’t know what’s going on.  Food for thought anyways!


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