Gotta get a visual

Pictures for Facebook-less-family!

I walk up these. Every day. Multiple times. 'Cause all the teachers are together in different offices, and you go to the different classrooms for class.

The smaller building at the end houses the gym and cafeteria. I go in one much more than the other.

Roses grow like CRAZY here!

So animated

Rae likes to bake. I like to eat. We're good friends.

A student showed me some pictures of her as a kid. She's adorable. She also talks to me every day and asks what the lunch menu is. I love her.

They're re-enacting a movie. I'm going to pretend they're fellow Star Wars fans, and call it a day.

She's crazy. We're the same. She also calls me, "Hender!" because "Henderson" is too long for most students to realize it's all one name.

Adorably avoiding smooches. Girl in the glasses brought a HUGE bag of snacks for the last after-school-class, bumping her up to favorite-status.

I don't know what will happen to my self-esteem when I leave this place.

"Teacher, let me see!....OK, good. Good picture!" Why? 'Cause there's no way to even tell who you are??

Love. Them. This absolutely cracks me up. --"English ?????? WHAT?"

A student took this for me--she wanted to make sure I remembered all the Korean snacks. "American snacks, not that good. Korean snacks, best!" To celebrate last classes, or to celebrate exams being over, you can tell you students, "Snack party!" and they all bring snacks. I now realize why we always had to make "cultural food" in Spanish class. Teachers get hungry, too.

Seriously. She's nutso.

But I wish we could be bffs.

I don't think she was ready...


I wanted to take pictures of them with their emails, so I could remember which was which. I'm not sure how much these pictures will help me...

Something along the lines of "teacher, thanks for teaching us English, come back from America, teacher we love you." Seriously, my ego will completely deflate after living here.

The student who wrote this said she wants to go to school in America...

Yes, I AM happy to go to America, but you have no idea how much I wish our countries weren't so far away.


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