For the 6th-grade boy in all of us

Snapshots from my textbook.  I am not responsible if you choke on your coffee.

Ok, so "hanji" is just a special type of paper (hence the italics), but still, sounds like Mean Girls Korea--"She's a HANJI lover! Ooooh burrrn." (P.S. Mean Girls Korea would be VICIOUS)

Starts off OK...


Health class Q&A gone wrong.

You talk to plants? What kinds of plants ARE those?

Yes. Yes they did. He's also quite the star--just comes up everywhere.

Uhh...."Yes, thanks to you, Semin, it was a great birthday." Gahhh.

I don't know, it just made me laugh. "Why do you want me to break my leg?!?!"

My going-away present--perfect cause I just lost my other umbrella. Apparently it's "The Emperor's New Clothes," because not only are there naked cartoon men, but the sentence reads "oh my god! naked king"--I couldn't talk from laughing so hard when I opened this at dinner. I don't think my coworkers /quite/ understood my level of entertainment. Oh yes, and the houses have glitter on them--a perfect Korea memento! (The other sparkle-lookin-things are just raindrops. Cause it's raining. Foreverrrr.)


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