I don’t want to stop writing

You’ll hear me say this a lot: I wouldn’t trade my year in Korea for anything in the world.

When my last class surprised me with a party and their rendition of “Isn’t She Lovely,” I got all misty-eyed.  The party basically included eating snacks and a little impromptu dancing; in other words, perfect!

I wandered around a mountainous-hill near my house the other day.  After weaving through the paths, turning left or right or making my own path, I stumbled on a small Buddhist temple and courtyard.  An old woman led me through some ceremonies and told me the names of the flowers in the pond.  Probably one of my favorite afternoons.

I swear I can feel my mind expanding and opening up, trying to take in everything I’ve learned and experienced.

One of those things is writing.  This blog started out haphazard.  As it continued, I’d write posts too long and wordy or say something awkward.  I guess you can’t hide your personality when you write!

One side of me doesn’t like to write things too personal.  For one thing, if you’re not in my life, then I don’t want you knowing about my life!  For another, I’m too proud, for the most part, to admit I don’t have it all together.

The other side of me loves to share, especially if I think someone else can relate and be encouraged by what I have to say.

Which leaves me with this blog.

In less than a month now, I’ll stop having an excuse to ask people to pay attention to me.  I won’t be a novelty back home anymore (and let’s be real, I may have already worn out my welcome in that department anyway!).

What will be left for me to say?

I like writing.  I enjoy the blog world because of all the people you “meet.”   But…oh, I don’t know.

So we’ll see where that takes me.

On a more Korea note–monsoon season hasn’t been all that bad!  It’s basically March weather–off-and-on rain and a lovely 70 degrees with enough humidity to glow but not suffocate.  I’m a fan.  Better than the 95 back home with a real-feel of 103!

On a personal-pedestal note, I just found this research done back in 2008 on Deconstructing the Demand for Prostitution in Chicago.  I know you don’t have time, but just glancing over the statistics in the executive summary is worth it.  I like knowing the why, the stories behind the people.
“62% of [men who buy sex] identified as having a regular sex partner (girlfriend or wife).”


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