Shoulders are just too sexy to be seen

Eunmi is wearing an adorable spaghetti-strap floral-print dress, with a t-shirt underneath to be appropriate for school.

Although as a rule, one sees very few shoulders around Korea.  I feel exposed today, sitting in my sleeveless top, habitually pulling up the beater underneath every half-hour.  It’s not just because we’re in school.  The fashion style in Korea emphasizes short shorts and skirts, and pairs them with tops and dresses that are often a few inches away from being classified as turtle-necks.

Legs are celebrated and flaunted, but heaven help the woman who dares show a peep of cleavage.  Style of dress will definitely be a size-able culture shock.  I might viciously judge every other woman I see my first couple nights out.  Or just wear tank-tops and v-necks with abandon.

Back to Eunmi.  I told her I loved her dress, and she said she had just bought it, “For Europe.”  (She and So Jung are going there for vacation.)

“But you know, in Europe, I won’t wear the t-shirt with it.”

That’s my girl.


2 responses

    • i agree. i kept my dress very professional whenever i was teaching. this particular day, i slept through my alarm and didn’t have the level of brain-functioning necessary to think critically about what i was wearing, lol. i had no classes that day, though, so it was not a problem.

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