It’s raining. A lot.

In case you’re not keeping up with the news of my current country–it’s monsoon season.  “One of the worst rainy seasons on record” and “the heaviest downpours in a century,” according to the two articles linked to the pictures below.

Also, several college students were killed in a landslide a couple hours north of Seoul.

There’s a video of all the flooding on my FB wall that’s being passed around, so you could try Googling that if we’re not friends.  Although there’s also a video in the article at the above link.

Pictures of Seoul (one is from a girl’s Facebook, the other two I swiped directly from articles and have linked them accordingly):

(via European Pressphoto Agency) A driver and a police officer push a stalled car on a submerged road in Seoul on Wednesday morning as downpours of more than 300mm pounded South Korea, building on one of the wettest rainy seasons on record.

A road in Daechi-dong, southern Seoul, is flooded. (Kim Che-kyung via twitter)


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