Murphy’s Law, or something like it

When you feel nauseated,

don’t put on any makeup,

don’t brush your hair,

wear a t-shirt and faded jean shorts to work,

and have just woken up from a nap in the nurse’s office,

your employers will give you an award which necessitates you to take multiple pictures–from all different angles and stages of accepting said award–with the Principal & V-P & Head Teacher, forever memorialized and probably used as a displayed picture for at least the next year.


On the plus side, I have a really fancy blue-velvet folder with an award in Korean and English.

Yup, I’m awesome.



9 responses

  1. My good ol’ friend Murphy. He and I go way back and have flirted quite frequently.

    P.s: Just came across your blog, I love that you’re in Korea! I haven’t ever left the states. I’ll definitely be returning for more posts!

    Best wishes,

    • yes he’s a funny one! i’m sorry to say i’m actually moving back to the states on Saturday, where I’ll do a bit of traveling around for a month or so before having a roommate again and planning my next international adventure, but for the time being, that’s where i’ll be. you’re welcome to scroll around my posts from the past year, though–there are some crazy ones! hopefully i can continue to entertain!

    • hah yeah sorry–the FP’d post was from near the beginning of this little jaunt back in November! in the states, for the next month-and-a-half i’ve got visits to Charleston (S.C.), Orlando, Deleware, Charlottesville/NoVa, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. i’m most excited for my west-coast-road-trip tho: vegas to seattle, and hopefully time to dip into vancouver. we’ll see! and then the adventure of job hunting…or something.

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