It’s all in that non-verbal communication

The most entertaining thing I’ve learned this year is: you don’t have to speak the same language as someone to have a conversation.

For example.

I just had to take the concourse from the check-in terminal to where my gate is. Following a miscommunication with someone who spoke perfect English, I found myself at the back of the long line of people meandering down the stack of escalators.

As I neared the bottom, I saw the signs pointing to the right with arrows and the word “RIGHT” flashing brightly. But for some reason everyone flowed off of the escalators and veered left–towards the concourse on the other side. The one not running.

I turned Right, as did only one other person, a German pilot whose entire flight crew had also gone left.

We both glanced over our shoulders at the crowd now forming a long line looping around the back of the escalators to join us back on our side.

He said something to me in German as he raised his eyebrows. I don’t speak a word of German, except when my sister taught me how to say, “I have to use the bathroom.”

So I know he did not say that!

At any rate, I assumed he was also questioning the sanity of the other hundred people down there with us.

We had a good laugh, he and I.

And then I claimed my spot in the front of that mass of people.

Whatever made everyone go left, I’ll take it!

As a note to my family: I’m getting ready to board for Tokyo, then from there to Chicago, etc. So here’s to enjoying my last I’m-in-the-future! joke: I’ll see you at this time today!


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