(re)Culture shock so far

I feel weird when I hand things, such as money, with my left hand.

I just ordered a coffee and touched my left hand to my elbow as I accepted my change.  I feel rude if I don’t.

I understand conversations around me perfectly.

There’s a group discussing business practices and how the rules of the game change, and a couple theorizing about how people can’t make their own decisions.

Oh hey! That’s me!

I stepped in front of a woman in the grocery store and reflexively dipped my head in a mock bow when I mumbled an “I’m sorry.”

Still working on my ability to make eye contact with people staring at me.

It’s weird to me how, after how far I’ve come and all the life and adventures I’ve packed into the last handful of years, confidence remains a day-to-day battle.

You’d think…I don’t know.  What would you think?

You know how sometimes after crazy trips you need a vacation to recover from your vacation?

Pittsburgh has lots of old, elegantly pretty houses.  I want them.

It also has lots of rundown and abandoned buildings and warehouses.  One day, I’ll make them beautiful again.  I’ll turn them into dance studios and rehabilitative art program studios and places for kids to go after school and houses for single moms and safe-houses for women trying to build lives for themselves and their children.

I like (re)building things.


2 responses

  1. And I don’t think it’s just eastern culture, either. It’s funny, how the small gestures and manerisms you take for granted in a foreign land suddenly stand out to you back home.

    And I agree 100 percent with needing a vacation to recover from your vacation. When I was done in Spain, I wanted to keep going, I wanted to go somewhere else new. It’s the returning that’s most difficult, that makes the least sense.

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