How to Break Six Months of Writer’s Block

I’ve been trying to figure out what in the world I could write about.

Things that were out-of-the-ordinary in Korea, like skiing, are pretty hum-drum-and-a-bottle-of-rum back here.  Of course, I’m sure adding rum to skiing would be all sorts of crazybad decisions…

I had plans.  Don’t we all.  Life had different ones.

In August I flew to Virginia—September, moved into an apartment in Pittsburgh—October, found myself in a surprise relationship—November, oh hello job.

Stable.  Just like that.  Well, sheesh.

But I refuse to ever do anything that isn’t fun.  Because why would you ever waste time not having fun?

When I started packing up my life in Korea, I had some regrets about not doing enough.  It turned out to be a pretty short year.  But you know, I did at least one “awesome” thing a month.

Like I said, it was easier there, because skiing in Korea is basically an adventure involving human obstacle courses, and little things that are roughly normal there were crazyridiculouslyawesome, like the fishing-in-hypothermic-water deal, or spending the night in a sauna.

Decision: do an awesome thing every month.

After saying yes to going into the office on a Saturday, attending various birthday celebrations, and deciding to finally do those dishes that are starting to resemble the Eiffel tower, you ever realize you haven’t done anything…new?

So there it is: at least one awesome, out-of-the-ordinary, slightly crazy, new-for-you, thing every month that can be added to the “remember when” part of your brain.

You know what helps with a plan like this?

Dating someone who’s probably crazier than you are.

So to kick off this shindig, my first adventure starts in just a few too-short hours…


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