That Time I Sewed a Baby Blanket–Mostly Successfully

I have never sewed before in my life, except that time mi madre tried helping me hem a pair of pants.  After that, I made friends with my tailor a block or two over.

But then Boyfriend became an uncle again to the most adorable baby niece, complete with the family ears and everything!

We decided to make a quick weekend visit, as our travels took us to D.C. one Saturday for a few hours and it really only added a couple of hours to the trip to go home by way of Delaware (a.k.a, the first state, a.k.a. the state most people forget exists).

I decided we should come with presents for the newest addition.  I Googled “beginner baby blanket how to sew” and other variations, and found a tutorial sans pictures.  This tutorial suggested fleece as the easiest fabric to start with, and gave some basic measurement. So my inspired side drove Boyfriend and I to the nearest JoAnn’s–which always has sales because no one sews anymore–and picked out some fabric–which Boyfriend was fairly inept at helping me match–and asked for a yard and a half ’cause I wanted to make a pillow and one of the tutorials I had found said something about needing two yards of fabric to make a baby blanket.

The actual sewing was challenging as fleece is very stretchy.  What’s that you say?  The tutorial said to buy flannel, not fleece?  Whoops.

Or such was my reaction when I finished the blanket and realized you couldn’t exactly fold it by matching the edges up because the edges didn’t match.  But then I made a matching pillow which made it all better.  I also then realized the tutorial not only said to use flannel, but at the bottom said something along the lines of, “Once you’ve had a lot of experience, try using harder fabrics such as fleece, which is very stretchy.”

They should not start both words with “F.”

What can I say.  I don’t read well.  That includes work emails longer than two paragraphs.

The pillow is not pictured ’cause it’s just a pillow, for which I followed the same strategy as the blanket, just made it smaller and stuffed it.

I guess it’s worth pointing out that I forgot to buy pillow stuffing at JoAnn’s, and it was too far to go back after work the night before we left, so I stopped by Wally World and picked up the only substitute they had: fake snow.  I love Christmas.

Oh, important point!  I couldn’t tell if Baby Niece liked the blanket or not, but by roughly 2pm Sunday afternoon, I had her mimicking the faces I made and laughing. She loves me, is all.

**Yes, I know I missed July, August, and September. I have posts for each of those, they are just not written yet.



So warm and comfy!


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