That Time I Painted a Really Gorgeous Picture

[From August, actually. Yes, I’m behind. Life is just too good/crazy/fun to write it all down!]

In August, Boy Wonder and I took a whirl-wind 6-day road trip to head down to VA and jump in the car with my parents and youngest brother.  We visited my dear Granny and Poppop in Charleston, SC then headed down the coast to my aunt’s in Orlando.

(With my dad driving the 13-hour-trip heading home, BW realized I’m even more awesome because we halfway conquered the world together. But that’s another story.)

Whilst in Orlando, my Aunt D, who is ridiculously talented and every time I go there I just walk around the house and look at all her paintings, gave my mom and I and few hours of painting lessons.

As I’m trying to get out the door to a dance class, and when I get back finish the final exam for an online class, and then get all gussied up for my date with BW tonight, I don’t quite have the time to make it a dazzling story.

So you’ll just have to be dazzled by my beginner painting skills (first painting ever! Although Aunt D helped with a few strokes; and with signing my name ’cause I really struggled with that part).



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