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I’m crazy enough to think I can change the world.


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  1. How’s the food treating you in Korea so far Rachel?

    Aggie just sent me your blog link, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Great work on the multi-day hiking and camping trip up that mtn!

    Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. Hello! Stumbled upon your blog. I’ve been interested in teaching in Korea for a little while now. Glad to have found you. 🙂

  3. I came across one of you blog entries (17 things you didn’t know about korean school or something) and thought it was awesome!! Love your blog, so I will be your loyal follower until… well idk. But can’t wait to read more!!

    • haha thanks 🙂 that was a pretty old post (from back in november of 2010!) so feel free to have a look around if you want more Korea. i’m headed back to the U.S., and i hope to have many more adventures to come!

  4. hey very nice too meet u…………..i dont know why it fascinates me very much when some1 or any1 share information of their places where they livin and whoz life there…
    keep posting

  5. 🙂 You have a really cool blog, and you seem like an incredible person! Holy smokes, I love a good adventure… I also love to find adventure in the small things though.

    I also love that you teach. How exciting? I’ve tossed around the idea of teaching art, but I love my job working at a small library so much I don’t want to leave it unless I have to.

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