Top Posts

As in, my favorite posts.  Enjoy!  I’ll have to edit this down at some point…

*=Shared (as in, readers agreed with me and shared these posts)

Top 10 (in no particular order):

  1. *It pays to have an inside source

  2. *Language Fun

  3. Dancing all night & falling asleep on the beach

  4. When whipped cream meets an average Korean

  5. *Sports Days

  6. Ajumma dance partaaaaay

  7. *Investigating ruins in Seoul Children’s Grand Park

  8. Now I’m just picturing Granny getting into a fight

  9. *For the Price of a Rose: A night in Chiang Mai’s red-light district

  10. *Appearance is everything


The Rest:

*My 15 minutes of fame

I almost killed an old man with my groceries

Escaping life in the big city

Gotta get a visual

It’s like I work at Google

3 1/2 short stories

*How my legs almost fell off

“Waves are fun!” (adventures in Samcheok)

Of naked saunas and rock walls

*17 Things You Don’t Know About School in Korea

Bullfighting in…Korea?

“Hola” is not Korean

Who would you save?

*What do you get when you cross 2,000 middle school girls with a male singer?

How to have a conversation using 5 words or less

Ever wonder what a dryer-less apartment looks like?

My students are hilarious

Pictures: eyelid glue, eating larvae, essay shoes, etc.

Doing “work,” and shame and honor in Korea

Korean Wedding!

I keep physically maiming my students

My boyfriend doesn’t exist, and other misadventures

V-P playing some birdie in the hallway

“Now you know how to speak Konglish!”

Don’t wait to start living. It doesn’t taste as good.

Bits and pieces in pictures and words

If your husband is fat, divorce him

*All-You-Can-Eat Meat, Grill Included

For the 6th-grade boy in all of us


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