“Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.”


These prompts are the weirdest.

Tomatoes – I think they give me heartburn. But they taste good, so…I feel like I’m self-destructive? I like to live on the edge.

Beer – Good for the soul, and your gut. Seriously. If I drink a beer, I feel better the next day. It’s weird and awesome. And I don’t care if it is mental. I feel great about it. And beer bread is delicious.

Cheese – I have self-diagnosed milk-product-intolerance. Now, before you go all doctor on me, let me just tell you that my romantic relationship vastly improved once I stopped consuming dairy. We’ll leave it at that. I feel slighted by cheese, because it’s so daggone delicious but it just won’t love me back.

A big pan of pesto pasta – Pesto is one of the greatest things in the world, and Aldi is currently selling it. Hallelujah chorus. Pasta is cheap. Two good things = one good thing. I feel like the math on that isn’t the greatest, but maybe it should be more of a multiplication anyway. Boyfriend exclaimed to me the other day, “You know what’s the greatest meal ever? Pesto and eggs! It’s so good! It’s like Heaven in a bottle!” After I smiled sweetly and said that’s why I love pesto so much because it goes with everything, I also suggested that eggs do not get eaten out of a bottle. That was not the end of that conversation, but I will move on here.

Chocolate syrup – The bargain brand kind. I’ve had it for a very long time, and will have it for a much longer time because I don’t keep ice cream in the house. I feel like I need to find a dessert recipe that calls for half a bottle of chocolate syrup so I can use it up, and then take said dessert somewhere where people will eat it.

Or just eat it myself. With a beer and some cheese and pesto and tomatoes.

Wow, that sounds delicious.